Don McGahn, The Former Counsel To Be Interrogated Concerning the Russia Investigation

Don McGahn
Don McGahn

Don McGahn, the former counsel of the White House, will soon be testifying privately about the attempt made by Donald Trump in order to bring an obstruction in the investigation of Russia. It will be done before the Judiciary Committee of the House. McGahn did his service during the administration of the former President of the United States of America, Donald Trump. This was announced by the Department of Justice on Wednesday during one of the court filings. As per the announcement of the court filing, it was stated that the interview is to take place very soon. It was made known that the transcript, following the interview, would be provided after a few days. 

Don McGahn To Face Questions Like…

There are a number of possible questions Don McGahn can be asked about by the members of the committee. It includes the subject of the Mueller report. There might be questions concerning the incidents that were documented in the said report involving the attempt of the former President to fire Robert Mueller who was the special counsel. And about blocking the investigation of Russia, including the accuracy of the investigation carried out by Mueller.

The concerned department can either assert the executive privilege or Don McGahn can refuse to give any answer relating to other topics. And this would put a block on the Democratic members of the House, meaning that they will not be able to know the details that Don McGahn has knowledge of. They also include the major scandals that took place during the presidency of Donald Trump

The former counsel was one of the top lawyers during the campaign of the former president in the year 2016. He worked as the counsel of the White House until the autumn of the year 2018.