Ecuador Will Not Be Disqualified From World Cup 2022


The Football Federation of Chile (FFC) submitted a protest with Fifa alleging that Byron Castillo, who appeared in eight of Ecuador’s qualifying matches, was Colombian and lied about his age.

They will compete in the 2022 International Cup after FIFA rejected Chile’s accusations that they used an ineligible player in the qualifications, the world soccer governing body announced on Friday. Last month, the Chilean Football Federation announced that it had confirmation that Ecuador’s Byron Castillo was born in Tumaco, Colombia, in 1995, rather than General Villamil Playas, as claimed on his official documentation.

Ecuador Will Continue Advancing 

It was reported that the Barcelona of Guayaquil fullback used a fake passport and birth certificate to participate in eight of Ecuador’s 18 qualifying games for Qatar.

Castillo participated in 14 of 26 games, scoring 14 points. They would have missed out on a berth in Qatar if they had dropped points in the games where Castillo played.

Ecuador, together with Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay, is one of four South American countries which have already registered for the World Cup finals later this year. Peru, who is now in the fifth position, will play in a playoff next week.

Egas also included a letter from FIFA stating that the Disciplinary Committee had rejected the accusations and that the disciplinary action against the FEF had been closed. Chile placed eighth in qualification with 19 points, however, Eduardo Carlezzo, a lawyer for the Chilean FA, claimed that if the points from Castillo’s two games against Ecuador had been awarded, Chile would have qualified for the World Cup.

They are in Group A, which also includes Qatar, Senegal, and the Netherlands. The World Cup begins on November 21.