President Biden To Hold First Press Conference On March 25

Medal of Honor
Medal of Honor

According to the latest information from the White House, President Biden is scheduled to meet the press for the first time this Thursday, March 25th.

Even though the White House claims that the President has answered several press queries in informal settings, the March 25th conference will be the first of the formal press meets of his Presidency.

The official announcement of the press conference was made by White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki. It will be more than 60 days into President Biden’s term before journalists will meet him in such a long and formal setting.

President Biden Breaks Record In Delaying Press Conference

After coming to office as a sworn President of the United States, Biden has broken earlier precedents by holding off this press conference for such a long time. For this reason, the US media outlets both on the right and the left have launched increasingly sharp attacks at the President over the delay. The Washington Post noted last weekend that President Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump too, had been present for five press conferences by the same point and Barack Obama had given two.

Fox News recently reported that the President had a lot of “near-misses” of press interaction. This is because the White House or the President’s aides cut him off every time he tries to engage in questions from the press, according to Fox News. This has happened on two events, on March 3rd and 10th, states the news network.

On the former date, the White House video feed was cut off immediately after President Biden said, “I’m happy to take questions if that’s what I’m supposed to do.” At the latter date, President Biden was a few feet away from journalists asking questions but his White House aides stepped in to interfere with the situation.