Peter Navarro Brings Up All Kinds Of Allegations About The FBI

peter navarro
peter navarro

According to Justice Department records filed Thursday in court charging Navarro of repeatedly lying about the conditions of his custody, former Trump administration employee Peter Navarro branded the FBI agents who arrested him “Nazis.”

Peter Navarro was arrested by FBI agents at Reagan National Airport last Friday on a pair of misdemeanor allegations of violating a subpoena issued by a House select committee on Jan. 6.

Peter Navarro has been on the attack in the media since his detention, accusing the FBI of depriving him of food and drink and refusing him the right to consult a lawyer. All of those assertions, however, are untrue, according to the Justice Department, which attached a summary of Navarro’s arrest to an FBI 302 report prepared by the two agents who detained him, Walter Giardina and Sebastian Gardner.

Navarro’s priorities appear to be mocked in the government submission on Thursday. According to the report, FBI agents offered to contact Navarro’s attorney, but he declined because he needed to use his phone to notify a media outlet that he was going to miss a scheduled TV interview.

Peter Navarro’s Fake Allegations Against The FBI 

According to the FBI agents, when Navarro was given the opportunity to call a council, he stated that he was prepared to proceed without one.

While some of Navarro’s supporters allege he has dragged off a plane, according to the article, he was apprehended by the FBI in a jetway at the airport as he prepared to join an American Airlines commuter flight destined for Nashville.

Peter Navarro also claims that he was handcuffed following his detention. The FBI report cites handcuffs but not shackles, and it makes no note of any security protocols he may have experienced after being handed over to deputy U.S. marshals at the federal courthouse in Washington last Friday.

The filing came a day after the Justice Department sought Amit Mehta, the judge in Navarro’s case, to issue a “protective order” prohibiting Navarro from sharing material handed to him by prosecutors. Navarro is scheduled to be tried on the charges on June 17, but he has asked for a 45-day postponement, citing his efforts to hire an attorney and file a civil case against the department and the select committee on Jan. 6. There was no legal justification, according to the government, for delaying speedy-trial responsibilities to accommodate civil litigation.

District Judge Amit Mehta, who is handling Peter Navarro’s case, has instructed him that he can’t contact the court by emailing the courtroom deputy without copying prosecutors. Following Mehta’s instruction, Navarro copied his most recent file to prosecutors. Navarro is scheduled to appear in court next week.

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