Ed Sheeran Talks About His Proposal To His Wife

ed sheeran
ed sheeran

When Ed Sheeran proposed to his wife Cherry Seaborn, he probably didn’t expect rain to mess his ‘perfect’ proposal up. But as we have it, it went quite a little bit awry, and yet, immensely sweet at the same time. The 30-year-old singer went on to marry Seaborn in a chapel ceremony in January 2019, but there seemed to be quite a few obstacles on the road when it came to not beating around the bush and heading on straight. In fact, Sheeran wasn’t even sure that Seaborn would say yes to his proposal. 

Ed Sheeran Talks Proposal Jitters

In an interview with Skavlan, a talk show collaboration between Norway and Sweden, Ed Sheeran spoke about how Seaborn’s parents had married pretty recently after being together for 30 years. This implied that his wife wasn’t really that hung up on marriage or even thought of it as something that was absolutely necessary.

So when Sheeran went into proposing to her, he had a fear that she would turn him down. It definitely messed him up even more when he found that a heavy rainstorm was rushing through his plans- as he had created a pergola in their garden- with the hopes of proposing outdoors.

Ed Sheeran remembered telling her repeatedly that they should go out for a walk in the garden, but his wife kept saying no. This increased his anxiety as he had already engraved the date on his ring, and when it was 9 pm, he simply cajoled her into walking with him in the garden. Interestingly, this small victory didn’t work to help his confidence, as he was met with a blank stare when he got down on one knee. 

When he did pop the question, the first reaction he got was incredulity. But then, she finally said yes. To this, Ed Sheeran notes that it is the very moment that one realizes how big a decision one is asking the other to make. He was literally in a situation where he was on one knee, and pretty much writing the future for both of them. The couple was engaged in 2017, and then got married in 2019. 

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