Joshua Bassett Declares His Sexuality To The World

Joshua Bassett
Joshua Bassett

Joshua Bassett, the American actor from the “High School Musical” movie gave a statement on how he felt after taking an important step in his life. He stated that he was in a happy state of mind after having taken the decision of declaring his sexuality in front of the public and acting on it. He recently attended an interview on the platform of one of the entertainment sources. There he spoke about him coming out in front of the world.

Joshua Bassett Is “Happy”

The 20-year-old Disney actor came out in the month of May. he used the social media platform, Instagram, to do so. He had posted a video where he revealed his sexuality. Joshua Bassett had also mentioned the challenges he had to face owing to his sexual identity. He stated in the interview that he was attacked by people who had no knowledge of the subject. The actor reiterated his statement claiming that he was being serious in the video. He claimed that he is a part of the community LGBTQ+

The Disney actor further spoke on how he felt post declaration. He stated that the moment when he claimed it, it was a moment of opportunity where he could act on something that he so proudly believes in. Joshua Bassett further claimed that he would happily face the consequences of his announcement if there were any. And that is because he chose to deal with any problems that would arrive rather than hiding his truth in front of the world and spend the rest of his life living in fear. 

Joshua Bassett had used the word “hot” to describe Harry Styles. This incident had taken place back in the month of May. It was on one of the interviews.