EFX Equifax Expected To Post EPS Of $1.83


EFX Equifax Inc. is a firm that supplies information solutions as well as human resources services, including business outsourcing. They provide to businesses, regular consumers, or the government as well. There are four segments under which the company functions. The USIS, United States Information Solutions, Global Consumer Solutions, International and Workforce Solutions. The first of these provides commercial and consumer informational services. This includes Credit Scoring as well as Information. It further offers financial and mortgage services, locating frauds, prevention, and identity verification as well. 

On Friday, the firm opened with $178.74. Several analysts have reported that they predict EFX to share a $1.83 EPS for the fiscal quarter. They have also reported estimates for the firm’s earnings. Seven of them provided a high to a low amount of $1.91 to $1.77, respectively. Last year, EFX posted a $1.53 earnings per share for this same quarter. This indicates an increase of 19.6%. On the 10th of February, they are expected to post their quarterly earnings for the next tier. 

Reporter’s Prediction For EFX Equifax

The EPS for the fiscal year is predicted to be $6.45 – $6.78. The earnings per share is estimated to be $6.48. The EPS here is estimated to be $6.21 – $7.26. These mean averages were provided by several research analysts. 

Other analysts reported on the price ratings of EFX. One researcher gave it a raise with a rating of “overweight.” It is predicted to be $220.00 or $230.00. On Tuesday, an analyst gave a “neutral” rating with a target price of $8.50 on the stock. It received a hike from BNP Paribas on Wednesday, back in October. The target price was $228.00. Institutional investors and hedge funds together own 91.54% of the holdings.