Kathy Hochul Announces Future Plans For The State And Lays Agendas

Kathy Hochul
Kathy Hochul

Kathy Hochul, Governor of New York, recently delivered her first State of the State speech on Wednesday. She laid out some ambitious agenda that will certainly build New York back in a strong way after the devastation left by the COVID-19 pandemic. These agendas included tax cuts, ethics reforms, and infrastructure projects that make her much better than her predecessor. 

Kathy Hochul also said that she hopes she can create a blueprint that will earn her next governor election victory. However, the implementation of her plans will work only if the Senate works well with the Assembly and her administration in the next legislative and budget session. 

Improvement Plans Of Kathy Hochul 

Kathy Hochul stated that she will soon start the process of economic recovery through some very worker-friendly and business-friendly policies. She also promised policies that will help the middle class. Most importantly, she recognized the 300,000 residents of NY that departed last year due to the pandemic. 

Kathy Hochul vowed a rebate policy on property tax worth one billion dollars that will benefit almost 2 million NY families. She will also bring a tax-cut program that started in 2018 and will be implemented again. 

She also made Buffalo University and Stony Brook University that “flagship” institutions under SUNY and intends to draw over $1 billion for central research money. 

Hochul also included healthcare programs for disabled and senior citizens and promised jobs to incarcerated people at CUNY and SUNY campuses. Childcare will also be provided. 

Nonetheless, difficult issues were left unaddressed. She failed to address the bail reform as well as the problem of dangerous criminals’ justice. She did not also explain the ethics enforcement that was briefly mentioned in her speech. 

In general, Hochul made tall promises and it is a waiting game to see how she performs.