Elite Events: Where to Socialise with the 1% in 2020

It’s no secret that the world’s rich and famous tend to congregate in specific places. While exclusive enclaves such as Monte Carlo, Beverly Hills, Mayfair, and the Upper East Side are synonymous with the 1%, fewer people pay attention to the events that actually get them outside of their gated communities.

Most rich people are social animals and will often have a jam-packed calendar of diamond-encrusted events to attend throughout the year. If you’re looking to boost your network and hobnob with the 1% in 2020, make sure to add these exclusive events to your calendar. 

1. Monaco Grand Prix

While all of the major Grand Prix motorsport events around the world tend to draw an upper-crust crowd, none is more exclusive than the Monaco Grand Prix, held on the ritzy principality every May. Here you’ll find assorted royalty from all corners of the globe, including the royal families of Morocco, Dubai, Denmark, and The Netherlands. Tickets are open to all, so make sure to grab yours early before the billionaires fill the stands.

2. Royal Ascot

High-profile British horse races tend to be known for their glamour and excess. However, the Royal Ascot is a comparatively muted affair. Among the thousands of attendees, you’ll find the who’s who of the English socialite scene, as well as celebrities from Europe and the US. All attendees take this elite race seriously, so if you’re hoping to join in on the action, then reading up on Royal Ascot horse racing betting updates is a basic prerequisite. Some lucky punters may even blag their way into the VIP stands, so make sure to do your research.

3. Vienna Opera Ball

Every winter and early spring, the Austrian capital Vienna hosts a series of debutante balls, where the offspring of the global elite gather to make their formal entrance into high society. The circus peaks with the Opernball in February, held at the city’s opulent state opera house. Anyone wishing to catch a glimpse of the glamour on display inside is welcome to do so, as long as they are willing to shell out €315 for a basic ticket, or a staggering €23,600 for a box. Better start saving. 

4. Antigua Sailing Week

While most of us will be peeling off our winter layers in April, the global elite will be tanning by crystal-clear blue waters at Antigua Sailing Week. This competitive racing event draws only the most experienced captains to play, whilst the spectators consist of the world’s wealthiest and most influential people. Attendance is free, but you might have to hustle if you’re hoping to nab a spot on one of the private yacht parties that take place every night of the week.

5. Art Basel Miami

Once upon a time, the most exclusive art events were the domain of old money gatekeepers such as Frieze, Christie’s, and Claridges. These days, the real jet set prefers to head to sunny Miami for Art Basel; a high-profile, weeklong event featuring all of the hottest names in contemporary art. Billions of pounds worth of purchases are made every year, meaning that the afterparties and casual events are just as glitzy as you’d expect when they’re aimed at a crowd of billionaires. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your social network in 2020, these are the events to do it at. If not, then at least you know where you can feel like a 1%-er for a few days.