Elizabeth Holmes’s Early Release Remains A Mystery

elizabeth holmes
elizabeth holmes

In November 2022, she was ordered to serve time in prison for 11 years. However, recently the judge ordered Elizabeth Holmes to be released after serving 9 years in prison. At the same time, her boyfriend will be serving full-time. No one has any clue about why she is getting an early release. The court has mentioned for security purposes, they have to keep the whole reason a secret.

Usually, people get early release when they have already served their time in prison and proven their civilization. Her date for release has been set to 23rd December 2032. She is currently serving time in Texas.

A Stanford Dropout, Elizabeth Holmes, Serving Time In Texas

She and her boyfriend have scammed people by providing them with surgical care like blood testing. However, Elizabeth Holmes was a Stanford University dropout, she had no proper experience in this field. Thus, people fall sick after diagnosis.

She opened a medical diagnostic company in 2003. The company grew faster than she thought it would. At the time of closing, the company was worth $9 billion. Elizabeth Holmes was good at marketing, thus attracting many major investors like Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle.

Then the Walton family, the founder of Walmart. The current report says they lied about the technology. Elizabeth Holmes and Ramesh Sunny Balwani both scammed people together. They even lied about the partnership with the Department of Defense and Walgreens.

Elizabeth Holmes was involved in the silicon valley, which crashed a few months ago. She has been found guilty on four counts. She has to pay $120 million to all the victims for the damages she has caused. The amount has crossed $800 million in total. Both Elizabeth Holmes and Ramesh Sunny Balwani have to pay.