Elizabeth Holmes To Serve 11 Years In Prison

elizabeth holmes

According to the investigators she was involved in a fraud. She scammed investors into a blood-testing startup. Where Elizabeth Holmes tremendously failed.

Judge Edward Davila has ordered her to surrender before 30th May.

She was supposed to begin imprisonment on the 27th of April. However, she filed for an appeal at the last minute which let her stay outside for a month and three days.

This time the judge’s decision is final as per the report. She did fight for her conviction. But nothing happened other than letting her stay outside for a month. She stayed outside after someone bailed her.

Court Denied Elizabeth Holmes’s Appeal

The ninth circuit court denied  Elizabeth Holmes’s further appeal. Previously it was accepted and given a month.

Like last time she again appealed to roam free on bail. This time the traditional trick didn’t work.

Elizabeth Holmes’ attorney requested the judge for an extension of her surrender. Previously it was 27th April, now it’s 30th May. She needs to surrender without any further delay or appeal. Otherwise, there will be unavoidable circumstances.

Elizabeth Holmes and her boyfriend both are equally guilty. They both have to pay jointly $452 million as damage control to the victims and their families. They risked their lives. According to the state, this is third-degree manslaughter.

Again Judge Davila has given a written statement of how this sum will be divided. 

There is a huge possibility they equally have to pay the sum Declared by the court.

The boyfriend couldn’t trick his judge similar to his girlfriend Holmes. He was reported to prison last month. He has to serve 13 years behind bars.

Like Elizabeth Holmes, he also applied for a last-minute appeal but couldn’t fool the judge.

Huge gratitude to The Wall Street Journal, if it wasn’t them. These people would never be caught. They did a thorough investigation.