Kristen Kish Paving The Way For New Chefs

kristen kish

The new chef is taking over after chef Padma Laxmi. New face at top chef season 21, set in Wisconsin, Chef Kristen Kish is taking over the host position. She was the top chef in Seattle. After that, she used to appear as a guest judge. It was like coming back home every time.

Padma Laxmi’s departure has also allowed many newcomers to taste hosting. Thus, Kish has become the torch bearer. She is honored to work with this brand closely. She has come a long way from contestant to guest judge to host. She cherished every moment.

New Torch Bearer In The Kitchen, Kristen Kish

She has mentioned working closely with the brand. And top chef is just the beginning of her grand career. Kristen Kish is honored for the opportunity that fell on her lap. She is rather excited and thrilled. Kristen Kish and her fan moment surfaced when she shared that she can now sit beside Gail and Tom.

Padma Laxmi shared a warming post on Instagram dedicated to Kristen Kish. She is over the moon, she gets to witness someone so incredible and talented taking over. She is rooting for her, and the whole new season awaits Kish. Something different is going to happen. Yet, Kish remembered to be grateful to Padma Laxmi.

She has learned a lot from her. Padma Laxmi served as Top Chef for the last 17 years with 19 seasons. It was indeed a difficult decision to pursue. Yet, she did. Her departure shocked many. Kish is not the replenishment. She is the most capable one, everyone believes. Kristen Kish also signed up with Netflix for its upcoming documentary.