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Elizabeth Taylor

 Edward VIII married a divorcee, Wallis Simpson. He abdicated the throne for his love. They were condemned by the whole country, not only his family. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were in love. The country labeled them as how love should not be. They trauma bonded with the royal couple. Who had to leave the country after criticism. They used to live in France. They become friends. Media has something dark to cover and bash after all. The book Grit Glamour Of Icon totally reflects the life of Hollywood royal and British royals.

How Did A Royal Piece End Up With Elizabeth Taylor?

Apparently, according to the royal of Britain, the brooch Wallis Simpson possessed was their heirloom. Which they couldn’t accept after Edward VIII married her. When both left all of their royal duties titles and royal possessions were ripped away. However, Lord Mountbatten forgot to take this brooch with him.

This is a fine diamond piece known as the insignia of the Prince of Wales. A crown and three feathers on top of it. This was worn by Wallis Simpson that caught the eye of Elizabeth Taylor. She was rather intrigued by it. According to her book when Simpson died, the brooch was up for auction.

Elizabeth Taylor was the one who bought it for $565,000. When she died it was bought by someone unknown at a private auction. A piece of royal jewelry missing from royal vaults didn’t sit right with them. Elizabeth Taylor possessed the royal brooch; it was later discovered by the royal family.

In 1981 Princess Diana got a gift from Elizabeth. The queen’s mother. It was a gift for her when she got engaged to Prince Charles, now King Charles. Now Princess Of Wales has the brooch worn by her late mother-in-law.