Kevin McCarthy Had A Productive Meeting With President

kevin mccarthy

Last week the Republicans were satisfied to the core by President Joe Biden. A long-awaited debt meeting finally took place. Just the day before, Biden flew off to Japan for the G7 meeting.

Kevin McCarthy has been trying to get a hold of President Joe Biden regarding debt since January. Even though for a certain period he got busy with other political matters. McCarthy’s party members didn’t leave an inch for him to let this matter slide.

The house members were extremely unhappy with Biden’s lack of attention to this matter. He hasn’t deliberately avoided this, but circumstances didn’t let him get involved. He had a productive talk with McCarthy finally. However, McCarthy believes there is still more to work on.

Many Negotiations Are Ahead, Kevin McCarthy Hints

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden have the talk everyone in the US has been waiting for. The debt level in the country has touched the ceiling. The last date after the extension is 1st June. The treasury minister already warned in January how things can go wrong. There is likely to be more unemployment.

However, the meeting was indeed productive. The meeting was cut short because immediately after the meeting President Joe Biden had to leave for the G7 meeting. Which is also an international matter at the moment given the situation with Russia and Ukraine.

Kevin McCarthy mentioned how the president initiated a call during his trip to Japan. Even the call was productive. Currently, both parties are trying to come to a consensus. They are trying to omit their political differences. They have more to work on. However, according to Kevin McCarthy, the solution President Biden has proposed is likely to overturn because most Republicans won’t agree with them. However, Kevin McCarthy has said there is going to be a budget cut. The problem is Speding. This needs to be limited, not the revenue.