Ellen Page Is Now Elliot Page After Announcing Transgender Identity

Elliot Page
Elliot Page

Elliot Page who is an Oscar-nominated star who starred in “Juno” as well as in the “The Umbrella Academy” of Netflix, has come out as a transgender in his recent public announcement.

Previously named Ellen Page, Elliot Page, has addressed all his followers on social media by stating that he is a trans and acquired the pronouns of he and/or they. He feels immensely lucky to have reached this stage in his life where he can openly express himself.

Additionally, he feels overwhelming gratefulness to the amazing people that have to lend their support for him to recognize his true self as well as inspire him to become more authentic. Also, he is happy to be a part of the transgender community and the people who make this world a much kinder and inclusive place. Ultimately, he promises to be supportive of other marginalized people to make society more equal and warm for all.

Elliot Page further added his new-found love and admiration for his authentic identity and strives to grow as a person. He also vouched to support the transgender people who face violence, abuse, and harassment daily.

Ellen Page To Elliot Page

Nick Adams, the Director of Transgender Media has stated his happiness regarding the coming out of Elliot Page as an LGBTQ which is bound to inspire many more.

Page had received a nomination for Oscar for the landmark movie “Juno”. He has also started in notable films including “X-Men” series, “Inception”, “Flatliners”, and “Whip It!”.

Before his transition, Page had a lot of visibility as a gay actor and this announcement only enhances the legacy.