NHL Video Review System Doubted By Jon Cooper

NHL Video Review System
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NHL Video Review System has been portrayed as one of the revolutionary steps taken in the history of the game. With the technology advancing in leaps and bounds, the implementation of the same has also become widespread. Almost every avenue of sports has a video review system implemented to minimize the room for human errors. However, the NHL has brought a slight amendment to its review system. They have stated that any on-game decisions taken by the referee would be challenged by the coaches. This is where most of the people have expressed their concern.

Several people have doubted the system and how it would work. Jon Cooper is one of the main protagonists of this idea. He has expressed significant doubts as to whether the coaches should hold the authority to challenge a decision. Jon stated in an after-match interview that he was not sure whether he was the right person to call for a review. Interestingly enough, Jon Cooper did make a successful challenge in their game against the Colorado Avalanches. Cooper is the coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning and his team managed to win their recent game 6-2. However, the NHL Video Review System did come into play in the match and raised a lot of questions. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

NHL Video Review System Questioned By Experts 

NHL Video Review System has garnered a significant amount of doubt from the experts. The match between the Lightnings and the Avalanches had a situation when Colorado scored a goal that was challenged by Jon Cooper. The time taken to challenge the decision was very long. After an even lengthier review, the goal was overturned. 

Jon Cooper stated that he was not sure whether the challenge should be made or not. He felt that coaches might not always have the best angles to see the game and hence the NHL Video Review System might backfire. 

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