Elon Musk’s Starlink Is Planning To Provide Lifeline As Well As Voice Services


The low-earth-orbit service that is Elon Musk’s satellite- Starlink- has made plans to bring in Lifeline and voice services that would go well with the lightning-fast broadband services. This was reported to the Federal Communications Commission by the company itself. The satellite’s plans regarding its service have already been laid out- something that would shed light on the operations and capabilities of the satellite.

Starlink Is Capable Of Producing Lightening Fast Services That Are Unprecedented

This was produced before a petition which sought, for the satellite, an Eligible Telecommunications Carrier status. This would allow the satellite to provide its services to Connecticut, Alabama, New York, New Hampshire, Tennessee, and Virginia. These are the states where SpaceX won close to $886 million in order to defray the deployment costs in the unserved and rural areas of the Rural Digital Opportunities Fund. Musk’s company also won the RDOF in around 35 states- which would assign the workers to Starlink Services. The catch- they need to have the status of ETC which will allow them to bring in the funds.

Starlink’s parent company has mentioned that there are close to 1,000 satellites that are orbiting. Out of those, Starlink is capable of putting in around 60 satellites at a single go. The launches usually take place every couple of weeks. The satellite mark- according to several reports- has gone above the required size to perform service in an uninterrupted capacity. 

The satellite has also stated that they have already charted a groundwork around the entire country- which basically consists of several planned and license gateways that are connected via fiber. SpaceX has declared that the performance of Starlink is not just experimental or theoretical. Currently, close to 10,000 users worldwide are actually using the services provided by this satellite.