Nickelodeon Teen Sitcom ‘iCarly’ To Come Back This Year With An Adult Version


You must have heard about clothes and fashion repeating itself once every few years. But now it seems that old and popular sitcoms are also getting a reboot. Popular teen sitcom on Nickelodeon, called iCarly is coming back to the screens this year.

We have seen before this the return of ‘That’s So Raven’ and ‘The Proud Family’. Now it is time for iCarly to find its way back to its audience. The showrunners, Paramount+ declared in December 2020 that they will be coming back with the new iCarly and its millennial dreams for a fresh audience this year. However, they have not given out the date of release yet.

The New iCarly To Show Carly And Her Friends In Their Twenties

Sources suggest that the show will be on screen by the end of this year or the beginning of 2022. This means that the show that ended in 2012 will take up its new journey exactly a decade after its finale. The-then teen star Carly will now look at how to make her way through her twenties alongside her family and friends. The previous show was about Carly and her friends making their life through fame in their teenage years.

The show star Carly or Miranda Cosgrove, a teenager creates her own web show called ‘iCarly’ featuring her best friends Sam and Freddie in an apartment loft that the teen star shares with her brother. As her web show garnered a lot of popularity, Carly became an internet phenomenon. The rest of the show is about her balancing her fame and normal teenage life.

In a recent interview, the show-makers mentioned that the new iCarly will not be about Carly’s journey alongside a TikTok fame but a peek into her life in the twenties when she will be seen struggling and balancing her adult life.