Email Spam Could Get On Your Nerves Again: Minimize It Easily

email spam

Email spam can be so unnerving for some that they are forced to give up their Gmail inbox. Right, left, and center we are used to battling this flare-up of spam in our mail accounts. They include mailing lists, products and service endorsements, and many other forms of unwanted intrusion. Most often our addresses get compromised beyond salvage, and we are forced to abandon them.

Individually deleting email spam is the only solution initially, but it turns out to be unmanageable. Archiving every message becomes a complete hassle after a certain period. People facing this problem start to check their inbox less often, skip through emails, and finally become overwhelmed and leave it in a chaotic state.

Filters Have Helped Control Email Spam In Recent Times

Email spam nuisance is an old issue that most people have been forced to make peace with. There have been vast improvements in how automatic sifters from service providers and add-on services have helped us weed out email spam from current mails.

Gone are the days of the early 2000s when we had to put up with an onslaught of spam ranging from offers that will make you into a millionaire to dodgy Viagra offers. But the deluge of a decade and more back has turned into a trickle as just a little spam turning up in inboxes along with several legitimate marketing emails that are there because we allowed them to in.

But there has been an outpouring of email spam following the pandemic that is somehow evading filters and ending up in our inboxes. The most vocal among the recent sufferers are users of Gmail. This service has witnessed a 30% rise in spam volume this year. The company has reported detecting 10 billion extra email spam in December alone.

Free emails including Gmail from Google, Hotmail, and Outlook from Microsoft, and Yahoo use tools to detect spam and shift them to a different location, frequently a Junk or Spam folder. You can choose to see them or ignore them. Paid filters sold by third parties are available for corporate users.