Vice-President Biden
Vice-President Biden

Not to beat a dead horse, but have you listened to Vice President Biden vehemently deny that he sexually assaulted Tara Reade? Well, 27 years ago was a long time past to try to remember something, especially when you are 77 years old and your memory for other things are hazy.  But honestly, how else would you expect him to respond?  How many sexual offenders, upon being accused or arrested, freely admit what they did? My guess is that 99% of them have the same answer. “You have the wrong person.” “Of course not.” “I would never do anything like that!” You may even recall President Clinton’s long-standing denial of having sex with Ms. Lewinsky, and how long it took for the truth to be revealed! 

Not knowing Ms. Reade or Mr. Biden, one can only follow the law in the instant case. An accuser is investigated, and so is the accused.  Presumably, Ms. Reade came forward with her accusation to clear her conscience in case this man were to win the Presidency, and her claims will no doubt be investigated. Historically, accusers do not gain anything good from taking on these types of issues, so what would her underlying motive be? 

And what do we know about Mr. Biden along these lines? That he is certainly an inappropriate child toucher, as evidenced by the many video clips of him pawing mostly young girls at photo ops. Teachers in California have been fired for less outrageous behavior, and an anonymous Secret Service person described Vice President Biden as “the Weinstein of D.C.” What about the women who came forward in 2018, were they just making up their touchy-feely claims too? 

We also don’t know Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, or the DNC Chairman, Tom Perez, but in good conscience, can you just take their word for it that because they “trust” VP Biden and are “satisfied with his response” to the allegation, it is all hogwash? Anyone who watches tv and sees their neighbor arrested for child molestation or kidnapping or murder can attest to the concept that they never would have guessed the identity of the perpetrator who was finally convicted. He seemed to be such a nice guy! 

In fact, child molesters ARE so successful because they sit below the radar, are nice guys, and no one would ever suspect Uncle Ben or Grandpa Todd of such heinous crimes against children. They pretty much do their molesting in private!  

Does Mr. Biden’s kissing children on the head or on the lips after tidying up their hair or asking their age or telling them they can’t date until they are 30 or recounting children touching his leg hair or other odd behavior come up to the legal standard of molestation or assault?  I have no idea, but the fact that now at least one former child has come forward about how uncomfortable she felt, or how she tried to avoid him, etc. should be investigated.  And despite the potential risk to their husband’s careers, perhaps some of the mothers in those U-Tube clips will at least try to help balance the uncomfortable scales of morality that men and women find themselves standing on.  

 By Barbara Walsh 

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