Emily Ratajkowski Relieved Its A Boy: Speaks Of Suffering Her Whole Life Being Sexualized

emily ratajkowski
emily ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski has revealed the effect of being ‘sexualized’ from an early age. She admits it has even influenced her desire to have a son. She admits that she had initially wanted to have a daughter, but was relieved when she found out that it was a boy.

Actress and model Emily Ratajkowski says that the overwhelming feeling was one of relief when she learned she would be giving birth to a boy. She wants to have more children. But as a girl child, she had to face the prospect of being sexualized at an early age, way before she attained puberty.

This issue is included in My Body, her forthcoming book. Emily Ratajkowski delves into her role both as a woman, plus how she ended up being commodified both as an actress in the film and modelling industry.

She shares that from a very early age she was aware of the way that women use their bodies. She speaks of an early memory when she was in her first grade. She did a sexual move and her parents were surprised and wanted to know how she learned it. But she knew that it was something that one was aware of quite early on if one were a woman.

Emily Ratajkowski Was Aware Early On Of The Sexualisation Of Her Body

Emily Ratajkowski says that from a very early age she became intensely aware that a woman’s value was tied down to her ‘beauty.’ Her mother often dwelled on the significance of being perceived as beautiful. She believed that it was something that was closely linked to safety in relationships and everyday interactions. Emily Ratajkowski recalls that for her, it was vital for her survival to realize where she stood in this male-focused ranking system.

This made her look at herself from the male perspective that she was unconsciously programmed to follow. She feels that this is something that women need to unlearn and let go of.

But she fell into this system of objectification as she grew up and became a model. She realized that beauty was never insurance against mistreatment. This system of regarding and evaluating women in terms of their physical characteristics or sexiness was something wrong.

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