Kristin Noem, The South Dakota Governor, On Lockdown Blame Games And Turned Tables

Kristi Noem
Kristi Noem

Kristi Noem, the Governor from South Dakota, criticized Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York and one more person. She stated that Cuomo was nothing but a darling of the media possessed with some irony. The other person whom she attacked in Dr Anthony Fauci. She stated that all the predictions that he made, proved to be very wrong.

The Governor delivered the speech at the event of the Conservative Political Action Conference. It took place this Saturday. Republican Kristin Noem had taken a decision that was quite noted by all. She did not direct anything that would lead to the shutdown of the economy of the state. And also, the social lives of the citizens.

Kristin Noem, A “Denier” ?

The 49-year-old Governor of South Dakota reflected on some things she was told to be. She revealed that a few Democrats and the media did not fail to criticize her now and then. She claimed that they called her a “denier”, and gave her several other terms.

Kristin Noem claimed that the media compared her to the other governors during the time of the Coronavirus pandemic. She had been judged by them on the basis of the decisions she chose to take for her state. The Republican Governor further added that while the media condemned her actions, they praised that of those governors who, according to them, took the necessary steps. They also spread the news that the “right” steps were taken by those who imposed lockdowns and halted businesses.

Kristin Noem further went on to states some experiences she went through. While doing this, the Governor specifically mentioned the date and the venue, related to the incident. It was an incident from November in the year 2020. The ones who were involved were Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic governor from New York and the news channel, ABC News. She also revealed the name of the host which was George Stephanopoulos.