Democrats Senate Chances Brighten With Win At Crucial Arizona Senate


Mark Kelly, the Democrats’ Senate candidate for Arizona inched close to re-election even as Nevada still hung in the air and Georgia headed for a runoff.

Even as Donald Trump plans for his planned presidential campaign announcement for 2024, his political staffers have advised him to wait until the Georgia runoffs are decided in December.

The victory in Arizona leaves the Democratic Party just a seat short of retaining the American Senate and the focus shifts to the neighboring state of Nevada, with early trends indicating a trend favoring the Democratic Party.

The triumph for Mark Kelly, first nominated in 2020 to complete Republican Senator John McCain’s term, comes in the line of a series of wins for the Democratic Party.

He defeated Blake Masters, a venture capitalist who has kept pace with the lies perpetuated by former President Trump about the presidential elections. It marked another rebuff of a Trump-backed MAGA candidate who has been portrayed by the Democrats as a radical.

The Democrats Need Just Another Seat To Retain Their Majority Hold Int The Senate

The Democrats have edged to the 49-seat mark and need only one more seat to retain the halfway mark. It that will be sufficient given that they have the vote of VP Kamala Harris to give them the majority in the Senate.

The Democrats need only one seat and Nevada could give them the much-needed one. Democratic Senator Catherine C Masto is fast closing in on Adam Laxalt, the GOP candidate and the former AG of the state. Laxalt is one of Trump’s candidates and had called the presidential elections rigged and had filed cases defending Trump’s stance and overthrowing the election results.

Even in the House, the Republican’s lead margin appears to be much smaller than predicted. This has led to second-guessing and recriminations of GOP leaders including Kevin McCarthy, the Minority Leader in the House. He had predicted a comfortable win and had hoped for a favorable mandate.

The results for the Democrats have been nothing short of stunning as they seemed to be heading for a huge reversal, the worst seen by the ruling party in the midterms.