Alex Lasry, Executive Of Milwaukee Bucks Gets In The U.S Senate Race

Alex Lasry
Alex Lasry

Alex Lasry, the Executive of Milwaukee Bucks, got into the race for the United States Senate on Wednesday. He had previously helped to lure in the Democratic National Convention in 2020 into Milwaukee. He promised to bring in a brand new way to think and a fresh perspective to the capital of the nation.

He made his candidacy public with a 4 minute-long video that has already helped him gain several top support. Cavalier Johnson, the President of the Milwaukee Common Council as well as David Crowley, the Executive of the Milwaukee County backed the new candidate. 

Many top Democrats from Milwaukee have also backed his candidacy. The seat is not available as of now. The race will be going on for 2022. But it has already begun in a loud bang— and is rumored to now become one of the most important and high-profile running contests in this nation. Alex Lasry becomes only the second Democratic candidate, following Tom Nelson, who is the Executive of Outagamie County. 

Several other candidates are set to join the race, with several office-holders weighing in their own options. 

Other Candidates Set To Join Alex Lasry In The Race

Alex Lasry has other candidates who will join him against this race. Sarah Godlewski, a treasure of the state is also going to be a part of it. Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes, along with the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Millennial Action Project, Steven Olikara are also considering their candidacies. State Senator Chris Larson from Milwaukee as well as Randy Bryce, a former candidate for Congress is also setting in their options. 

Alex Lasry also criticized Ron Johnson, the Republican Senator, the incumbent. As the latter is yet to let the public know whether his third run for office will be held or not.