The New Mexico Governor Signed Bills To Protect The Reproductive And Gender-Affirming Care Into Law

New Mexico governor
Melanie Stansbury

The New Mexico governor has signed a new law this Thursday that will refrain the municipalities and different public bodies from inferring with the access to gender-affirming or reproductive care services. The reproductive and the gender-affirming Health Care Freedom Act will refrain the public figures from imposing ordinances, laws and regulations or policies to keep the patients away from these benefits.

This move by the new New Mexico governor has arrived in th4e in the reversal of federal abortion rights in the previous years. It has a few states that has brought measures to keep the minors away from accessing the care the taxpayers need.

The gender-affirming care is absolutely necessary care provided on the basis of evidences. This care helps the person with in transition from the gender already assigned. The violation of this new law can cause a fine of 5k USDs or the same amount to compensate the damages if the damage done is more than the announced fine.

The New Mexico Governor Passed Reproductive And Gender-Affirming Care Into Law:

Even though abortion is legal in New Mexico, many of the GDP-led states introduced their measures for a restricted abortion. Such states includes, Oklahoma, Texas and more who have completely banned the procedure at any stage of pregnancy with some exceptions. The New Mexico has however, stated that 10mn USDs will be allocated to build a reproductive care response.

The democratic government of Minnesota has signed a bill into law earlier in this year which made the access to abortion a fundamental right for the citizens of the state. Last year, the Golden State has also passed a bill to expand the access to abortion in their state. This includes complete protection to the providers of abortion.