Emma Roberts Welcomes Her First Child With Garrett Hedlund

Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts

Officially Emma Roberts is a mom. She gave birth to a baby boy, her 1st child with Garrett Hedlund, her boyfriend. Roberts gave birth in LA on December 27th, Sunday. It was announced in June that Roberts,29 years old, was pregnant.

Emma Roberts’s Baby Has A Name: Rhodes

Hedlund and the actress of Holidate named their child Rhodes. Since 2019 March, Hedlund,36, and the star of Scream Queens were linked together, when people spot them together within a short time of her breakup with Evan Peters. During August, Emma Roberts confirmed she is pregnant with her picture where she was cradling the baby bump on Instagram. She spoke of Hedlund and her expectation of this baby boy.

After one month, she posted another picture where she was showing her growing stomach with the caption that the dress of a baby doll has an entirely new meaning now. In November Emma became the 1st cover star who is pregnant on Cosmopolitan, where she posed and opened up regarding her journey of pregnancy and impending motherhood in the issue of December/January. She said that when she was 16 she used to think that by 24 she would be happily married with many kids and when she was 24, she decided to go for it.

With her difficult profession and with all those hours of travel it is very difficult to settle down traditionally. Although Emma’s road was full of downs and ups, she decided to let go of the worries, and in the next second, Hedlund and she celebrated this good news. Emma Roberts revealed that the moment she stopped thinking of her worries, she got pregnant. But she didn’t get her hopes up because pregnancy is a dangerous time and you have to be very careful. She feared making any grand plans because she kept this dangerous time to herself, her partner, and her family.