Encanto Steals The Show


Encanto was one of the most anticipated releases for the year. From the time it was announced, fans went crazy for the film. The much-hyped movie has finally hit the theatres. As expected, the movie is having one of its finest runs. The movie is an animated movie by Walt Disney. The fans are absolutely loving the film. Audiences seem to be truly enchanted by the movie at the moment. The pandemic hit every sphere of society hard. Movie theatres were no different. All the halls were shut down following the spread of the deadly virus.

However, things are slowly coming back to normal. Normalcy has been somewhat restored. The theaters have been instructed for opening. Movie lovers will thus anticipate a series of quality movies to feast their eyes on. The Thanksgiving season is round the corner. Audiences are looking forward to flocking to the movie theatres. There have been quite a few movies that have been released. Encanto, House Of Gucci, Resident Evil: Welcome to the Racoon city & Ghostbusters:Afterlife is the available option. Let us know more about the movies in detail below. 

Encanto, House Of Gucci Dominates Box Office 

Out of all the movies released, two of them have been major hits. Encanto tops the chart by some distance. The movie is a family movie and thus appeals to a larger audience. It has garnered huge revenue in its opening days. The initial business recorded by the film was $7.5million. This was only the opening day collection of the film. Encanto is speculated to be a huge hit. 

House of Gucci has also followed suit. The business done by the film amounted to $4.2million. The other two films are also doing quite well in the festive season.