SpiderMan: A Known Face In VenomVerse?

Spiderman Tom Holland

Spiderman seems to be making all the headlines at the moment. Huge rumors have surfaced about the possibility of multiple spidermen in No Way Home. On the other hand, Sony has also teased a crossover. The end credit scene of “Venom: Let There Be Carnage ” shocked the audience. The possibility of Venom featuring in Marvel was teased heavily. The last scenes portrayed a sudden warp in reality. The scene then cut to television footage where a version of Tom Holland‘s spider man was shown. This scene got the rumors going about a possible crossover. Fans are optimistic about a Sony-Marvel merger. 

Recent analysis have made the rumors stronger. A new easter egg has been found that points towards a Spiderman – Carnage connection. In fact, Carnage might have known Peter Parker way before Venom did. Let us take a detailed look into the Easter egg and find out more details below. 

Spiderman And Carnage Relationship Found! 

The present era is proving to be one of the best for superhero movie lovers. A lot of quality content is being released every day. What is more intriguing is the attention to detail. Every movie nowadays has some interesting revelations about them. The recently released Venom: Let There Be Carnage was one of them. The movie itself was a huge success. It revolved around the story of Venom going head to head with Carnage. 

However, on close inspection of one of the spots, the following has been revealed. Cletus Kasady was put inside a prison for criminals. This was before he transformed into the deadly Carnage. The footage provided a close-up of the cell in which Kasady was locked. It was found out that he had carved a variety of images on the wall. Two of the images attracted the eye. One of a spider and another of a bat. This spot has gone viral. It has been speculated that the images represent SpiderMan and Morbius.