End Of The Road For Adobe Flash, After Plug-In Is Discontinued

Adobe Flash
Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash Player’s support officially came to an end, killing it effectively off the platform on 31st December. The web plugin which is now-discontinued will forever be etched in our memories for its animated memes on the internet and the security problems which seemed endless and that actually led to the player’s demise. So, if the Adobe Flash Player is no more then what’s next?

Adobe Flash Player Discontinuation Effects

You cannot download the Player any more as of 31st December 2020 and the Flash Player will start to block the running of all the Flash content on 12th January 2021. It is recommended by the company that you should be uninstalling Flash completely for security matters and reasons. No more Flash updates will be there and you won’t be capable of downloading old versions of the Adobe Flash Player directly from the website of Adobe.

It also indicates that the versions of Flash Player combined with many browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox will get retired. However, this change won’t be able to affect the habits of browsing of most people because most of the websites have already stopped utilizing Flash and have instead leaned towards modern technologies of browsing. One shouldn’t try to install the Flash Player’s older versions because of security reasons.

But if one is still interested in accessing Flash content, they can try out some options but they are not getting any official support from Adobe. In 1996, Macromedia, a company acquired this tool of web animation which is vector-based called FutureSplash. FutureWave Software originally released FutureSplash in 1993. This technology was already used by many companies like Disney Online and Microsoft for displaying animated content inside web browsers. Adobe Flash Player had a very good start and immense popularity due to interactive tools, animations, and browser games that used to rely on it.

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