Shauna Rae Talks About Her Life Expectancy

Shauna Rae

When Shauna Rae was six months old, doctors discovered she had brain cancer, and the subsequent treatment stunted her development. She acquired pituitary dwarfism as a result of the injury to her pituitary gland and is currently three feet, ten inches tall.

Shauna is the star of the TLC show I Am Shauna, in which she candidly discusses her life and quest for romance.

She was also questioned about her life expectancy and whether or not her ailment has any impact on it during a fan Q&A session. A medical ailment Shauna Rae has stunted her growth. 

Shauna Rae Is Optimistic

We thus truly don’t have a response for you. So maybe if I play that type of role, I’ll live a very long life—like, the 80 to 100 years that I believe the typical person lives. So maybe I’ll live to a young and adventurous age.

“Maybe I’ll follow in my mother’s footsteps,” Shauna continued, “since she has this belief that she’s going to live to 130 or something. I genuinely believe that if anything could have affected my age expectancy, it would have been a situation in which my cancer recurred. Fortunately, because I spent so long without receiving a cancer diagnosis, any further cancer diagnoses will not be connected to my brain tumor.  “Earlier this year, Shauna discussed how she identifies creeps that approach her for a date.

Shauna Rae spoke candidly about her health and projected lifespan. The TLC personality claims that during her investigation, she has discovered a method for identifying people “who may not have the best intentions.”

She told the NY Post, “I’ve just learned how to detect someone who may not have the finest intentions because they give themselves away. “Their inquiries are specifically aimed at my physical appearance. They are studying me as though I were a lab specimen.