Joy Behar Asks Co-Host To Shut Up

Joy Behar

During their conversation about having platonic relationships, “The View” co-hosts Joy Behar and Sara Haines got a little heated.

Brian Teta, one of the ABC talk show’s executive producers, was brought up during the discussion of the women’s friendships with the other sex, which they were co-hosting with Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, and Alyssa Griffin.

“I feel like I share a platonic connection with Brian, our executive producer,” Joy Behar, 80, said on “The View” on Wednesday. The “Late Night With Joy” star interrupted Haines swiftly and said, “I do too,” but then he snapped, asking the 45-year-old to “shut up!” “I own him!” Behar exclaimed before advancing forward to the former host of the game show.

Joy Behar Was Rude To Co-Host

The camera went across to Teta, who smiled and nodded as Haines started to chuckle.

Joy Behar pointed to her neck and said, “I allowed him to take a whiff and see if the scent was holding up over the break before. “Is that a romantic or platonic thing to do? Teta said, “I’m dead from my waist down, so it doesn’t really matter,” to her question.

Behar criticized the daytime talk program last week for dismissing her in 2013 as the presenters were debating Tina Turner’s recent passing. Behar doesn’t mind expressing her opinions. After a little break, Behar returned in April and told a story about the time she used the “b-word” to a woman in Italy, preventing her from using the “first class” restroom. 

“Some of the individuals are friendly. Behar told her talk show co-hosts, “I had to use the b-word on one woman, but that’s another. 

When Haines uttered those words, she covered her mouth, but Whoopi Goldberg questioned Behar about whether she had said them in English or Italian.

I pleaded with you to let me simply leave. said, Behar. “I told her, ‘Listen, don’t be a b—.'” She refused to let me leave.