Mississippi State And Tulsa Players Break Out In a Brawl

Mississippi State
Mississippi State

A major brawl took place moments after the Bowl of Armed Forces which resulted in a 28-26 win of Mississippi State over Tulsa in Texas’s Fort Worth on Thursday. It seems unclear what led to the brawl which included punching and kicking with several members from both of the teams getting involved.

Reason For The Fight Between Mississippi State And Tulsa

It all began with a few shoves in the handshake postgame near midfield and it was quick to spill down and towards the sidelines. Both Tulsa and the AAC, in the conference, said that they are reviewing exactly what took place and take up disciplinary proceedings if warranted. In its statement, Tulsa stated that after completing the review, they will have an appropriate response ready. They take this matter very seriously. The AAC expressed its disappointment that the highest level of sportsmanship is not there.

Mike Aresco, Commissioner said that they will coordinate with the Tulsa University for conducting a full review into the brawl between Mississippi State and Tulsa according to their Conference Code in respect to Sportsmanship. They expect the university to respond accordingly. Mike Leach, the coach, Mississippi State, said that he wasn’t exactly sure about the cause of the fight. He further said that the main root of the matter seemed quite dumb. He said that both the root and the continuation of this matter are dumb. He would put the whole fight on the side of dumb, but he is not sure where this dumb started.

Leach said that a bunch of players from Tulsa was circling the players of Mississippi State during the warm-ups in the pregame. They appeared to be talking but he couldn’t speculate what actually caused the entire matter to escalate. Kendarin Ray, Tulsa safety was seen carried out of the field while things started to calm down.

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