Alex Cooper’s Fake Photoshoot: The Fairytale Engagement Story Of Alex Cooper

alex cooper

Call her daddy podcast owner Alex Cooper got engaged. She said yes to Matt Kaplan on 3rd March. Both of them managed to keep their relationship a secret. She never mentioned his name during her podcast at all.

Sources say they met in 2020 via a Zoom meeting.  Matt Kaplan is the proud owner of Ace Entertainment.

Their engagement news broke last week. Within minutes the internet was storming with their story. They never got photographed together. They have been dating since 2020. Almost after three years they got engaged. Their dedication to keeping the relationship a secret deserves a standing ovation.

Alex Cooper Had The Best Cozy Yet Homely Engagement

Like any woman, she had no clue whatsoever. The proposal completely came as a surprise. Alex Cooper has been the most successful podcaster of all time. She signed a $60 million deal with Spotify in 2020. She had a partner who parted ways with her before signing up with Spotify.  

Call Her Daddy has been one of the celebrity podcasts so far. all A-listed celebrities have been there as a guest. This podcast has helped billions in numerous ways to know what’s true and what’s not.

Hailey Bieber got bullied on social media after marrying Justin Bieber. It is not unknown to anyone the famous celebrity feud. Hailey Bieber continuously bullies Selena Gomez on social media. She copies her in every way.

Just after Selena Gomez launched her beauty brand Rare Beauty. Hailey Bieber got worked up to launch her own skincare line. Which failed miserably. Not a single beauty influencer seems to support her beauty line. Jeffrey Star bashed her products on social media. He dumped all her products that were sent to him in the trash can.

Hailey Bieber told Alex Cooper’s show how everyone on social media, specifically Selena Gomez’s fans, have been harassing her. They have threatened to kill her. However, she didn’t stop what she was doing. A few months ago she again proved herself to be a bully.

Selena Gomez till now hasn’t commented on anything against her. Alex Cooper’s podcast got viral in 2021. Recently she explained how her engagement actually went. Matt Kaplan with the help of her publicist. The duo planned the whole thing.

Alex Cooper had no idea why they were dressing up her just for a fake shoot. They got her a new dress and got her hair and makeup done. Moreover, they took her to the nail parlor. In the meantime, Matt Kaplan decorated the home of theirs in California with candles and all the memories they made over the last three years.

It was indeed magical for her. He got down on her knees with a 5-carat oval cut ring. Specialized by Jenna Blake. They were all emotional.