Ron DeSantis Vs Disney: Disney Has Charges Filed Against DeSantis

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Walt Disney parks and hotels have filed cases against Governor Ron DeSantis. The company has accused DeSantis of violating company policy.  He has engaged himself with companies regarding constitutional rights. He along with his political members has intervened with Disney’s taxation. They have also overseen the company’s taxing district. DeSantis is currently on a world tour. Recently he made a speech in Jerusalem.

He has denied all the accusations made against him. He further stated they all lack merits in their case. They didn’t build up a strong message.

Ron DeSantis Counter Attacked Disney

He responded after being asked. He said Disney lacked transparency in their regulations. They had no ‘accountability’ whatsoever. 

Ron DeSantis pointed out it was Disney’s fault. They failed to abide by the rules. The same rules all other companies and citizens follow. They thought of special things or rules that would be provided to them. Disney thought of avoiding rules. Rather they perhaps thought rules and regulations wouldn’t be applied to them. This is where they lacked judgment.

Ron DeSantis already prepared for his presidential election. He would be running against former president Donald Trump in 2024.

He is currently touring the world. His tour would conclude in the United Kingdom. He has already been to Japan and South Korea.

Ron DeSantis is currently in Jerusalem. He gave his speech at the Tolerance Museum in Jerusalem regarding the anti-Semitism taking place.

He is also well aware of the feud between Israel and the United States. 

The whole of Israel protested against Benjamin Netanyahu. President Joe Biden is already on a rough patch with him.

However, Ron DeSantis strongly avoided this matter mentioning this is an internal matter of Israel. No one from the outside should be engaging with this in any way.

He also said being an outsider it is highly inappropriate to indulge himself in this matter. There are experts who can solve this matter in the best possible way.