Enrique Iglesias Narrates First Meeting With Anna To Children

Enrique Iglesias
Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias is one of the most loved singers. He has origin from Spain and has gone on to become a living heartthrob. Enrique boasts of being the most selling Spanish language act in decades. He recently decided about letting his children know about how he met Anna Kournikova. Kournikova was a reputed tennis star when the pop sensation met her. The moment they set their eyes on each other, they knew they wanted to be together. The two love birds initially crossed eyes in 2001. Both of them were busy doing their parts in the music album termed “Escape”. Enrique Iglesias recently said that he has let their children watch the video. Let us take a detailed look at the incident. 

Enrique Iglesias And Kournikova Love Story Revealed To Their Children

Children of today’s generation are way ahead in terms of intelligence. Enrique also experienced the same as he learned that his children had already seen ” Escape”. This was the music album where the pop star first met with Anna Kournikova. The duo later married that same year in 2001. They have been inseparable since then. Iglesias and Kournikova are often referred to as the most successful couple in recent times. 

Enrique felt that his children should know about how their parents met. In a recent interview on SiriusXM, the star stated that he let his children watch Escape. SiriusXM is a popular show that is hosted by Jess Cagle. Anna & Iglesias have three children.  Lucy and Nicholas are three years of age. They are twins. Mary is the younger of the three, just one year old. 

Enrique Iglesias stated he knew fit sure his children could make out everything. He said that after watching “Escape”, they put the pieces together on how dad and mommy met. Enrique also seemed happy as all of his children recognized his songs when played.