Joe Biden’s Depressing Ratings

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Joe Biden, the president of the United States does not seem to be doing very well at work. This is evident from the ratings that he received on the basis of his job approval. To be a little precise, his overall rating is not even at 50%. This was given by the adults of the country. It is to be noted that this is the first such incident where President Joe Biden has received such low ratings from the date he took the office as the President of the country.

Joe Biden’s Divided Supporters

The two main reasons that directly had an effect on the ratings of the Democratic President are the rising cases of the Delta variant of the coronavirus infection in the country and the Afghanistan crisis. As per the poll, it was found that very few American citizens approve of the handling of the pandemic situation by President Joe Biden in the country. This, along with his handling of the country’s economy amidst the coronavirus pandemic in the country. Only a few percent of the citizens are happy with the way the administrations are taking care of the Afghanistan situation in the country. 

The survey also proved the fact that Americans are growing pessimistic towards President Joe Biden when it comes to the future of the coronavirus situation in the country. On the subject of the vaccine mandates, there is a split in opinions. And the people are also divided on the subject of the political party taking over the country post the 2022 midterm elections. Jeff Horwitt, the pollster, gave a statement with regard to the outcome of the poll. It was stated that this summer was not a good one for President Joe Biden. He belongs to the Democratic Party.        

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