Nancy Pelosi Bound To Delay Infrastructure Votes

Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi firmly stated that she would try to pass the bill of infrastructure this week. However, that was not to be. The Democrats failed to capitalize and suffered a humiliating defeat. The Republicans opposed the bill heavily which led to the defeat. This defeat is a very hard pill to swallow for Pelosi. She strongly stated she will do anything to get the $1tn bill passed this week. The Democrats have tried to control the damage by teaming the holdup as temporary. Let us find out what happened at the session below. 

Nancy Pelosi Fails To Pass The Bill Of Infrastructure

It was a hectic day at the office for Nancy Pelosi. Lots of logic and counter-logic were hurled at each other. The tiring session continued till late in the evening. The session aimed to break even a decision about the Infrastructure bill. The progress of the bill was highly opposed by the moderates and the progressives. Leaders from the Democratic party and the US President himself tried to negotiate the dealings. Unfortunately, the stalemate could not be overcome and the bill stood held.

The moderates were heavily in favor of a vote on infrastructure. On the contrary, the progressives felt the need for a broader. They believed that without it, the social package would be insufficient. Jen Psaki is the secretary of press at the White House. He stated that a lot of positives have been drawn from the session. The bill was very close to being executed. 

Nancy Pelosi termed the session as a day where significant progress was made. However, she also stated that the bill had to be delayed a bit further. Pelosi said she was confident of a positive outcome very soon. She also believed that once the bill is passed, it would build America into an even better nation.