Texas Republicans The Ideal Paradigm Of Power Play

Retiring Republicans

Harris County, Texas perhaps facing the most challenging time of the year. A huge power play is taking place by the Texas Republicans. They have passed a bill without everyone’s knowledge or consent. They perhaps made their own platform and established their power, before the Democrats took it away. The Democratic members are increasing in the county making the republic worry about their position.

They have passed a bill from the legislature which is also under the Republicans. The House and the Senate. Made it easy for them to pass a bill targeting the election process.

The head desk of GOP governor Greg Abbott witnessed everything. And rather is the only reason behind all the power play without him it would have been impossible.

Texas Republicans Eliminating The Democrats From The County

Harris County’s election administration position was made in 2020 when the democratic party won over. Now the Texas Republicans got involved themselves in some kind of power play. They have decided to remove them from the position for a significant time.

They were assigned to be at the election spot. Now they are being transferred to the county tax assessor-collector and county clerk.

Texas Republicans passed a bill with the help of Abbott. The bill stated that a county with a population of 3.5 million people would eliminate the elections administration. This is specifically applied to Harris County only.

Both then position holders are representing the democratic party which perhaps was making the job for texas republicans more difficult.

They have passed the law by the Senate and the House. There is a possibility if the primary house signs it will go into effect by 1st September.

The Democratic members have had enough of the power play of the texas republicans. They are gearing up to sue those two bills.