Attorney General Eric Schmitt Severely Compromises War On COVID-19: Limits Authority Of Missouri Health Officials

Eric Schmitt

Letters sent by Attorney General Eric Schmitt to health officials have led them to end their COVID-19 response. The AG demanded that agencies comply with court rulings that severely curtail their authority.

More than 6 departments have since Thursday announced that they would desist from COVID-19 related work. This follows letters from Eric Schmitt, a Republican contender for the federal Senate.

Eric Schmitt’s war on the health departments on COVID-19 related issues could not have come at a worse time, according to experts and citizens. He is using every trick in his bag to threaten, intimidate, and browbeat health officials to do his ruling.

Eric Schmitt’s Vigilante Style Moves Forces Health Departments To Stop All COVID-19 Related Work

He has been asking vigilantes to send pictures of students in masks or has been threatening health departments and school boards. His stance has put the safety and health of residents at severe risk.

Eric Schmitt has been questioning every pandemic safety measure ordered by the health department. Schmitt has based his letter on the decision by Daniel Green, the Circuit Court Judge of Cole County. He has decided that the health and other local agencies of the state lacked the power to declare quarantines and issue health orders to the public.

Given the confusion, several health departments have altogether stopped pandemic work rather than risk legal action.

At least 6 counties have given statements declaring that they were being forced to stop all work related to the pandemic after receiving letters from Eric Schmitt. They have stopped investigating COVID-19 cases, quarantine orders, contact tracing, and even announcements about deaths and cases.

One statement read that though it was an issue of concern, the agencies had no option other than following the order of the Attorney General. They further said that they were waiting for orders from the health department of Missouri (DHSS).

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