Eric Stonestreet Has Finally Announced His Engagement

Eric Stonestreet
Eric Stonestreet

Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet has finally announced his engagement with Lindsay Schweitzer. The 49-year-old actor went on Instagram to announce his engagement on the 22nd of August after the star popped the question. He further shared a few pictures of the couple- but the crown was held extremely prominent for the diamond ring. Eric captioned his post by stating that she said ‘She’d have her people call my people.’

Eric’s famous friends didn’t stop themselves from effusing their joy at the news. Gwenyth Paltrow exclaimed that she was extremely happy for the couple. So did Rob Riggle, one of Eric’s oldest friends, who congratulated the couple. 

Eric Stonestreet Gets Engaged To Long Term Girlfriend

Zachary Levi, the star of Chuck and Shazam, also congratulated the couple. Several other celebs including Michael Buble, and Bethenny Frankel came forward with their congratulations.

Eric Stonestreet and Lindsay, a pediatric nurse, had started dating after they met at a Kansas City charity event five years ago. In 2017, Eric was quite excited when he informed Ellen about their relationship. 

One could state that Eric Stonestreet’s and his fiancee’s relationship was nothing short of being destiny- Eric was reportedly a hypochondriac, as Ellen stated. To which Eric mentioned that he was also quite a big baby, and Lindsay calmed his nerves all the time. Back in 2016, Eric had confided to Ellen that he was on dating apps, prior to him meeting Lindsay.

But after meeting Lindsay, Eric Stonestreet knew she was the one for him- for she made him far happier than his journey through Bumble and other dating apps.

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