Erika Jayne Has Her Case Dismissed Against Fraud Lawsuit

Erika Jayne
Erika Jayne

Tom Girardi’s ongoing embezzlement and fraud legal woes complaints against Erika Jayne, his estranged wife, has been dismissed in the state of Illinois. US Weekly confirmed that pursuant to stipulation, a large part of the plaintiff’s claims against EJ Global LLC and Erika Girardi have been dismissed without costs and without prejudice. This was in accordance with the court document on the 29th of January which the US Weekly went on to obtain from the Northern District of Illinois. 

Erika Jayne’s Case Has Been Dismissed With Prejudice

Erika Jayne, the star of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, was previously named in an embezzlement and fraud lawsuit along with the 82-year-old former attorney. The estranged couple- Erika went to file for divorce in November 2020 after close to 21 years of marriage- as they were accused of embezzling close to $2 million in settlement funds from the families of the crash victims of the Lion Air Flight 610, which was filed in the December of 2020. In the suit, Girardi was also accused of mishandling close to a large section of his clients’ money. 

The trustee had named the songstress of “Roller Coaster”- Erika Jayne, in the legal battle where she had claimed that she had knowledge regarding Girardi’s firm had covered her expenses for close to 12 years. Just this week, the author of Pretty Mess made major headlines after it was revealed that she would be forced to surrender an impressive pair of earrings- which were worth $750,000- which the Girardi purchased in 2007 to replace another set. 

Ronald Richards- the former US attorney for the trustee overseeing the case of bankruptcy- went on to comment US Weekly in a statement on Wednesday on the 26th of January. Erika Jayne, he stated, should be returning them immediately. They were purchased with estate funds.