Jenna Ellis Makes Her Point

Jenna Ellis
Jenna Ellis

Jenna Ellis, the former legal adviser of the campaign of Donald Trump, the former president of the United States of America, is giving up her membership of the Republican party. This incident takes place in the midst of the ongoing protest within the party. It has been stated that the chief attorney of the Republican party bashed the campaign efforts taken up by former president Trump, this was done in order to overturn the presidential elections of 2020. 

Jenna Ellis Resigns

Jenna Ellis made the announcement on the platform of her show, Just The Truth. It was in an episode that aired this Monday. The 36-year-old Republican stated publicly that she would give her resignation until the top officials of the party submitted theirs. The Republican also named one of the most influential politicians of the country as she made her announcement. Jenna Ellis uttered the name of Ronna McDaniel, the chairwoman of the national committee of the Republican party. The Just The Truth lady claimed that everybody including the chairwoman had to resign and only then would she make her re-entry into the party. 

The lawyer and politician claimed that she was going to bring about a change in her voter card registration. Following that she made the announcement that from that particular moment onwards, she was not to be counted among the Republican politicians. Jenna Ellis gave a clear indication to the party that she would only make her return if it returned to its conservative policies and decisions. Speaking on the subject of truth, the former campaign legal adviser claimed that she will never hesitate to stand for it even if there is no one else standing with her.    

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