Eternals Premiere Hint At A New Era For Marvel


Eternals will be one of the biggest releases of Marvel. Marvel has always been known to be a very successful franchise. It has taken the experience of superhero movies to a different level. In the past, superhero films were mostly aimed at pleasing younger audiences. 

However, with time, Marvel changed the scenario. They incorporated a unique style of storytelling that appealed to the greater mass as well. Time and again, the production house has come up with ideas that have kept the audiences awestruck. 

Marvel recently concluded their Infinity Saga with “Avengers: Endgame”. The impact of the phase was so huge, people wondered what would be the route map going forward. However, the premiere of Eternals showed that Marvel is ready for something big. Let us take a detailed look at the event below. 

Eternals Premiere Brightened By Glamourous Presence 

The recently concluded premiere was an absolute treat. It was glorified even more by the glamorous presence of Angelina Jolie & Salma Hayek. Marvel roped in both the stars to play two of the lead characters in the film. As far as the movie is concerned, it looks to be the lynchpin of the current phase.

A lot of expectations are resting on the shoulders of the upcoming release. The film is driven by a power-packed cast. Chloe Zhao is the director of the film who seemed excited working for Marvel. Chan stated that the storyline of the movie dates back 7000 years. This would guarantee a unique tone and audiences should pick up the visual differences. Eternals will also see the introduction of a deaf character in MCU. Lauren Ridlof will be portraying Makkari. He stated that there will be another deaf character in the universe very soon. Eternals is scheduled to hit the theaters on 5th November.