Harry Styles Rumored To Be In MCU

Harry Styles
Harry Styles

Harry Styles has been heavily rumored to have joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Styles is a famous singer in England. Apart from mesmerizing people with his soulful voice, Styles also composes songs. Harry was always very much passionate about music. He always dreamt of becoming a rockstar from childhood. 

His musical journey began in 2010. Harry appeared at the X-Factor to prove his singing prowess. It was a musical reality show which aimed at bringing up young talents. Unfortunately, the singer failed to impress and was eliminated quite early. This acted as a boon to Harry Styles. His decision to join One Direction changed his life completely. 

One Direction became the highest-grossing boy band in history. Apart from being a fabulous singer, Harry also has decent acting prowess. Thus, the rumors of Styles joining Marvel do not seem too far-fetched. Let us take a look at the rumors in detail below.

Harry Styles Joining Marvel?

Heavy rumors have surfaced about Harry joining the MCU. As per reports, the image of Harry can be seen during the end credit scenes of the Eternals. This revelation has been the most astonishing and was highly unexpected. Eternals already has an enviable cast. Harry just added himself to the ornamented bracket. 

According to reports, the end credits for Eternals will portray Harry Styles as Eros, also known as Starfox. Eros has been dwelling on the same planet as Titan along with Thanos. There was a big difference in the way Thanos and Ers thought. While Thanos was addicted to power and destruction. Eros, on the other hand, had good morale. The comics showed that Ers left the planet and allied with the Avengers. Eternals is expected to be a huge movie and will be released on 5th November. 


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