Italy Stunned By North Macedonia


Italy is one of the biggest names in the international football circuit. The team has a huge legacy and has won a number of prestigious tournaments in the past. They have won the Fifa World Cup as well as the Euro Cup in the recent past.

Fans lovingly call them them “Azzurris”. The team is known for its defensive quality its free-flowing style of football. However, the recent years have not been so great for the Blues. The team went through a transformation process recently.

In the process, they suffered one of the biggest setbacks in their footballing history. The team failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cups. However, the failure was soon put aside as the team got rejuvenated.

The Azzuris came out on all guns blazing in the recently concluded Euro Cup. They played like a champion and lifted the coveted trophy to re-establish their supremacy. Unfortunately, the success was very much short-lived.

The team soon began falling apart once again. They could not perform well in the World Cup qualifiers which compelled them to compete against North Macedonia in the playoffs. Italy suffered another blow as they lost to North Macedonia failing to qualify for their second consecutive World Cup.

Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Italy Loses To North Macedonia 

Italy started in a great manner. They tried to go for the kill right from the word go. The Blues could not find a way to break into the defense of North Macedonia.

The Azzurris had a whopping thirty-two attempts at goal. It was shocking that the team could not find a way to score in the whole match. 

The Italian team looked crestfallen after the match. The coach of Italy commented that he was shocked by the result of the match.

Jorginho also expressed his sadness after the match. He said it was very much painful to bear the loss and failing to qualify for the second consecutive World Cup.