Euro 2021 Opener Won By Italy Against Turkey!

euro 2021
euro 2021

On Friday, in Rome, Italy emerged victorious against Turkey, in the “A” group of Euro 2021. Italy won by 3 goals, which the Italian team scored in the second half. The Euro 2021 is the biggest and most popular footballing event across the world since the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Take Of Robert Mancini On Euro 2021!

The opener of the Championship began at the stadium of Stadio Olimpico on Friday. This is a milestone and a significant part of the world and European sports. The event got delayed by a whole year. The Italian team managed by Roberto Mancini started the match with an unbeaten streak of 27 matches. The team was in a very fine form which was witnessed by the cameras as the Azzurri managed to dominate possession while trying to score with a couple of headers at 20 minutes from several corner kicks.

Italy was concentrating on putting more pressure in the first half of the Euro 2021. After a lot of intricate buildup plays, Ciro Immobile got the ball inside the box while managing a shot straight at Ugurcan Cakir, Turkey keeper. The halftime score of the Euro 2021 opener stood at 0-0. 

After the game, Mancini said that Turkey was only doing what other teams have done while playing against them. The team made it hard for Italy by giving little space and putting every player in the back. He also added that the Italian players had patience, kept playing, waited, and tried to put the ball inside the goal in the opener of the Euro 2021. He praised the players for their devotion to the national side. He termed the first half as not quite straightforward. If Turkey scored before halftime the pressure would have been on Italy.