Biden Fail To Move Manchin On Democrat Spending Bill: Studying Other Options

Democrat Spending Bill

The spat between President Biden and the loose cannon in the Democratic Party is taking a turn for the worse. Tension has flared up over Senator Manchin’s obstinacy over the Democrat spending bill. The $1.7T bill is doomed to failure if Manchin sticks to his guns.

The Democratic spending bill could stall as the holiday break comes to a close. The President has lamented the tardy pace of progress.

Joe Manchin Has Taken Umbrage To Suggestion He Was Stalling Democrat Spending Bill

Sen. Manchin lost his temper when asked for his reason in staling the bill and his reported opposition to extending the extended Child Tax Credit payments. He said such queries were ‘bullshit’ and denied that he was against the $250-$300 monthly checks many families collect for their children.

The monthly provisions are set to end in December. Democrats hoped to strike a new deal at the end of the year before the Christmas holidays. But in reality, Joe Biden and Joe Manchin are nowhere close to agreeing on any point, let alone pushing through the Democrat spending bill.

The tardy pace has strained relations between the party colleagues. White House sources have expressed frustration over Manchin recalcitrance. Even Biden, considered on good terms with the Senator, is growing tired at the continuous efforts to frustrate the Democrat spending bill.

The President is expected to up the ante and pushes Manchin to go for a positive decision, as revealed by White House aides. Though neither the President nor Senator Joe Manchin is of the view that the Democrat spending bill could get stalled till 2022 and damage their relationship.

Manchin’s aides and people close to him say that he is not on the lookout to tank the bill. But his opinion on certain aspects of the bill has sharply differed from President Biden’s viewpoint.

Senator Tim Kaine said that the difference in opinion is more about how much and when rather than about whether.

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