Female Leaders Are Opening New Opportunities in Male-Dominated Casino Industry


Before now, the gambling industry had always been dominated by males. Top directors of casinos, operators, and even casino workers, dealers, and attendants are often males with few females running the business too.

However, the narrative is changing gradually especially in the wake of the new society when women have begun to fight for what rightfully belongs to them. They are breaking the stereotypes that bar them from holding top positions and relegating them to mere subordinates.

Women are now seen in top positions in every sphere of society. The gambling industry is not left out of this development as women have continued to rise to the top and even hold top roles. A few women hold top positions at the best online casinos US listed by onlinecasinosamerica.com, in land-based casinos, and even at the companies that own these casinos.

Amy How – CEO of FanDuel Group

One such woman is Amy Howe who surely knows how to make headlines especially when she became the Chief Executive Officer of FanDuel Group, a fantasy sport, and betting giant.

She expressed concern about how the industry deploys huge funds to acquire customers in comparison with the value of the customers while emphasizing the need to reach the right audience. With such a big position at a company that is booming, could she go on to become one of the top 10 most influential CEOs?

CEO of Entain – Jette Nygaard-Andersen

Another female who has been making waves in the gambling industry is Jette Nygaard-Andersen, the Chief Executive Officer of Entain, a global gaming firm. She has also been quite outspoken about the activities in the United States online gambling industry which she tagged “unsustainable spending” on promotions, marketing, and advertising.

Howe and Nygaard-Andersen Are Shaking Up The Industry

Howe and Nygaard-Andersen share some similarities especially as they both got their CEO positions last year and they have since been shaking up the evolving online gambling and sportsbook industry which has always been male-dominated. The two female CEOs see the significance of their job functions in the bigger picture from cultural and business perspectives. Both have some of the ideal qualities a CEO needs to boost their respective company’s futures.

So many people in the industry are looking up to female CEOs. Much is expected of them especially as they are seen as role models and they have a huge role to play in further balancing gender representation in top spots in the gambling industry.

For example, Nygaard-Andersen does not see herself as a female CEO but rather as an industry leader with strong ambitions to transform the industry and work hand-in-hand with other stakeholders in the industry to revamp the products and services in the industry from an inclusion and diversity perspective.

Howe and Nygaard-Andersen continue to shake up the industry, especially with their concerns about the way industry’s weighty cost which is a concern for investors.

Sports betting firms usually offer customers generous promotions like risk-free first bets or sign-up bonuses to entice customers. However, such promotions often affect their profits, especially in some US states like New York where firms pay taxes even on promotions as gaming income instead of deducting them as marketing costs. This validates Howe and Nygaard-Andersen’s concern.

Costs Remain a Big Concern

DraftKings, the biggest competitor to FanDuel with Jason Robins as the CEO is currently facing pressure to create a path to profitability. There have been calls from analysts for Robins to explain marketing budgets and customer acquisition costs.

In a similar development, Tom Reeg, the CEO of Caesars launched its sportsbook application in August last year with a huge marketing budget but quickly followed up with a detailed plan for ROI on the investment by 2023. Many US sports gambling platforms often set 2023 as the target for their profitability.

The CEOs Proscribe Solutions

Nygaard-Andersen has advocated for ways to scoop customers without huge costs. Her strategy exploits the attraction that comes from the recreational segment of gaming entertainment.

New Opportunities Abound

According to an announcement by Entain, the firm will invest 100 million GBP in an innovation laboratory called Ennovate in a bid to promote innovative technology from all parts of the world and partner with nonprofits so as to use the innovations for social or environmental gains.

Entain also plans to invest in an organization that is dedicated to closing the gender gap in technology, Girls Who Code. Similarly, Flutter, the parent firm of FanDuelis is also setting a public goal to have a substantial percentage (40%) of its leadership roles filled by women by 2026.