Evan Peters Talked About The Darkness Of Playing The Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer

Evan Peters

Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Of Netflix Series, Evan Peters who played the serial murderer claimed that he “brought in a significant amount of negativity and hatred.”

Evan Peters found it difficult to distance himself from the gloom that surrounded his depiction of Jeffrey Dahmer in Netflix’s most recent blockbuster film, Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

On Saturday, Evan Peters, 35, spoke candidly about how it was to play the mass murderer in a session that was mediated by Netflix.

Peters revealed that he spent months dressing like Dahmer, including donning his clothes and glasses, and that he also put weight on his wrists to mimic the murderer’s gait. He continued by saying that he first toyed with the idea of accepting the role and that, when he did, he was afraid.

Evan Peters Talks About The Darkness In The Character Dahmer:

The American Scary Story actor struggled with the gloom of Dahmer’s existence while keeping his eyes fixed on the show’s conclusion. Even while he performed the role, he had the concept of a comedy film.

Evan Peters said that it was like the final goal in the sight, knowing that when we were wrapping and finally getting the breathing space, he used to say to himself that this is now the time to bring the joy and lightness and to watch comedy and romance to go back to his family and friends.

Niecy Nash was playing a neighbor of Dahmer in the show. He joked about how deep Peters was in his role. He said that people will say what is Evan Peters like and she would reply to them that she don’t know the man.