Eve Announces Pregnancy


Eve is a famous rapper in America. Apart from rapping songs, she also boasts of a number of other talents. She is a marvelous actress and singer. The star has also appeared as a presenter in television shows. 

Her full name is Eve Jihan Cooper and was born on 10th November 1978. She is known for her unique style of rapping that sets her apart from the rest. The star seems to be on cloud nine at the moment. The singer has been rumored to be pregnant for a long time. 

However, in a recent post on social media, the rapper spilled the beans. She confirmed her pregnancy which made the fans rejoice. Let us know more details about the incident below.  

Eve Talks About Pregnancy On Instagram

Life seems to be all rosy for the American rapper at the moment. Cooper posted a recent picture on Instagram that grabbed everybody’s attention. The singer posted a picture flaunting her baby bump. She captioned it by confirming the news of her pregnancy. Eve also announced the name of the father. It was none other than her husband, Maximillion Cooper. 

The star singer was spotted wearing an all-black attire as she showed off her baby bump. The star looked gorgeous in the picture as she expressed her joy. She captioned the picture by letting out the joy within. The rapper seemed in ecstasy while announcing to the world about the baby. She also stated that the couple had been waiting for a long time to have a baby.

The star revealed the time around which they expected the baby to be born. She stated that the world would get to see their little child somewhere in the month of February 2022. Maximillion Cooper married the rapper in 2014. After a long wait, the duo will finally get their most prized possession next year.